Oh, so you're interested!

Generally, People are not!

FrontRow Product Teardown

TPF's product teardown deck for optimizing Music Community of Frontrow.

Check out the deck

Maker Town

A place where you can learn all the concrete things such a Blockchain or Personal Finance which no one taught us in college!

Check out to learn something new

Optimizing Funding Options - NBFC

EY Cafta case championship for different aspects of finance. This one is specifically for Optimizing funding options for an hypothetical company in Indian NBFC sector.

Check out the deck

Buy the DIP

Remember the dip? We took it literally!

Check out the website

Team Mentor

Mentored a team from BITS Pilani In association with IIT Roorkee E-Cell for the Lets Transport Product Case challenge. Lost it in Finals though!

Check out the problem statement

Hot Potato NFT

World's most travelled NFT

I want to wander too

Movie Match

Wasting time to choose a movie to watch over the weekend with someone as you both can't decide one?

Let's get matched

Rick's Reviews

Let's get into the parallel space of Rick and see how he reviews the forbidden tech products of 21st century. IK this sounds crazy!

Check out this crazy thing

Why are you still here?

I'm lazy enough to add my freelance projects here and I'm pretty sure that by the time you're here, I might've some something shitty again ehh. Let's connect on Twitter so you can see me doing stuff (maybe)

reach out to me for


Aashish Manchanda
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