A little about me

I'm leading the talented design team at Scaler Academy across several product verticals, working on building the best digital experience for tech professionals to transform their careers and scale up. Apart from this, I keep tinkering around the crypto space and have built multiple products from scratch. Some of these include Flint, HyperSpace, HoneyFinance, DeFi Basket, Rentii, BU-NFTs, Saros Finance, Rave3NFT, and a couple more. P.S. I do have a soft corner for Business & Finance.

Product & Design Principal @ Scaler

DAOing stuff @ SuperteamDAO

Baby Unicorn @ BadUnicorn.VC

Creator @ Maker Town

Analyst @ Angel Fund

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About AshM

Latest Projects

my portfolio and projects are not updated in ages, please bear with me

Flint - Yield on Crypto | Mobile App

Flint has been generating yields through margin funding on centralised exchanges. The platform is trying to solve the three biggest problems investors face around the adoption of blockchain technology today, including losing money due to price fluctuations, complex processes to invest in innovative de-fi protocols and the absence of a consumer-friendly mobile application.

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Soros Finance

Won a hefty amount of cash doing design stuff for Saros Finance. Not to flex but here's the submission deck.

Check out the deck

FrontRow Product Teardown

TPF's product teardown deck for optimizing Music Community of Frontrow and bla bla cuz I didn't win the 1st prize.

Check out the deck

Wall of love

Few people like me, I guess.


How about my interests?

TBH, I started in peer pressure but started enjoying!


- The Morning Context - Filter Coffee - Trends VC - Growth Design - The Ken - Paul Graham Essays - StrictlyVC


- The Knowledge Project - Joe Rogan Show - Founders Unfiltered by AJVC - Woice with Warikoo - The Tim Ferris Show

Check out my Readings

it's just a list. I'm really working on writing summaries for at least my best ones but guess what, I'm lazy enough to keep it like that for now :/

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Aashish Manchanda
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